Kerstin Kuntze

Born 1965 in Cologne - now living in Frankfurt (Germany).
I'm a freelance Graphic-Designer and Mother of 3 children.

Picturemaking was always an inward urge.
Starting as a kid with "always drawing" - now using
photography melted with graphic infusion.

Trying to find something inside that wants to see the light.
My pictures show emotions from deep black to glowing red.
Sometimes they are really disturbing - sometimes really smooth.

Why do you take photos?

Because you want to remember...what life is about? Or to forget...the grey? ‎
Because you want to create...something new? Or to destroy...illusions?
ecause you want to discover...yourself? Or to loose....yourself?
Because you want to find....the truth underneath it all?

Or just because it is the only language to let your soul speak?

Whatever the reason maybe - it will enrich your life.
Maybe looking at pictures can do the same.

Kerstin Kuntze