Ulf Fågelhammar aka Mr Urbano


Founder and editor of 591 Photography Blog

Born: 1951
Lives in: Stockholm, Sweden
Latest exhibition: Branten autumn 2007. Photographs exhibited outdoors in the neighbourhood about the people of the neighbourhood by a photographer living in the neighbourhood.
Inspiration (photographers): Alfred Stieglitz, Eugen Atget, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Christer Strömholm
Inspiration (other): the light
Film, digital or both: film
Quote: "Don't be talked into anything. Check for yourself! What you do not know yourself you don't know." /B.Brecht ( Mother Courage)

Website: 591 Photography ( 2008-2013)

Email: mrurbano@591photography.com

Ulf Fågelhammar (aka Mr Urbano)